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Autumn 2021

Letter from the President — Carolyn Martini
Dorothy J Gaiter:

Summiting “Matterhorns”: How Two Men’s Calculated Risks Led to California’s Red Wine Triumph at the 1976 Judgment of Paris Tasting

30th Annual Wine Seminar

“Napa Valley’s Old Vines and the Wines They Give Us”
Moderated by
Tegan Passalacqua and panelists
Kelli White, Historian
Mike Hirby, Relic Wine Cellars
Bob Biale, Robert Biale Vineyards
Tegan Passalacqua, Turley Wine Cellars
Morgan Twain-Peterson, Bedrock Wine Company
Rosemary Cakebread, Gallica

Editor’s Letter — Diana H Stockton
Organization and Membership Information

Summer 2020

Letter from the President — Carolyn Martini
Books on Wine Evening

with Jullianne Ballou,
Warren Winiarski Wine Writer Collection Fellow

Books on Wine Evening

with Alexandria Brown, author of
The Hidden History of Napa Valley

Books on Wine Evening

with Heather Sandy Hebert, author of
The New Architecture of Wine: 25 Spectacular Wineries in California


Lynne Albrecht, Technical and Research Services Librarian
George and Elsie Wood Public Library

Editor’s Letter — Diana H Stockton
Chronology of the Annual Tasting
Organization and Membership Information

Autumn 2019

Letter from the President — Carolyn Martini
Books on Wine Evening
 The Best We Can Be
29TH Annual Wine Seminar
 “Because It Looked Like Home: A History of Italian Vines and Wines in Napa Valley”
57TH Annual Tasting
“Discovering Wine Styles of Napa Valley”
Chronology of the Annual Tasting
Organization and Membership Information

Autumn 2017

Letter from the President
27TH Annual Wine Seminar
 “To Blend or Not to Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon and the Red Bordeaux Varieties”
On the Murals at the Saint Helena Post Office
55TH Annual Tasting
“Napa Valley: A Timeless Classic”
Chronology of the Annual Tasting
Organization and Membership Information

Autumn 2016

President’s Letter
Books on Wine Evening

with Dick Peterson
Kelli White
Richard Mendelson

26TH Annual Wine Seminar
“Winemaking in the New World: South America and Napa Valley”
54TH Annual Tasting
“A Sense of Place: Honoring Napa Valley Terroir”
Organization and Membership Information

Winter 2015

President’s Letter
Editor’s Letter

Megan Jones, Library intern
Professor David A. Mills; UC Davis

24TH Annual Wine Seminar
     “From Vineyard to Label, A Celebration of
52ND Annual Tasting
     From Vineyard to Label: “In Celebration of

Organization and Membership Information

Autumn 2015

President’s Letter
Editor’s Letter
Books on Wine Evening

with Alder Yarrow

25TH Annual Wine Seminar
     “Winemaking in Two Worlds”
53RD Annual Tasting
     “Toasting the Twelves”

Organization and Membership Information

Winter 2014

President’s Letter
23rd Annual Winemakers Seminar
A Pairing of Words and Wine
51st Annual Tasting
Winemakers Favorites, a Vintner’s Choice
     A Balsamic and Wine Vinegar Primer
Interviews with Vintners who also produce Wine Vinegar

Chris Hall, Longmeadow Ranch
Timm Crull, The Terraces at Quarry Vineyard
Ryan MacDonnell, Round Pond Estate

About Books

The Model Bakery Cookbook
By Karen Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell Hansen with Rick Rodgers

Organization and Membership Information

Summer 2014

President’s Message
Editor’s Letter


Michael Keenan, Robert Keenan Winery
Susan and Ron Krausz, Jake Krausz; Arkenstone
Carole Meredith, Lagier Meredith
Francis Mahoney, Mahoney Vineyards

Organization and Membership Information


Winter 2013 - 50th Anniversary

President’s Letter
The 50th Anniversary Weekend:

A Toast to the Future: the Next Generations
    The 22nd Winemakers Seminar
A Toast to History: Vintner’s Choice
    The 50th Annual Tasting
Participating Wineries and Wines
    The 50th Annual Tasting

About the Collections

A Napa Valley Story
her original drawings and photographs
and a copy of her journal donated by Phoebe Ellsworth

Chronology of the Annual Tasting


Summer 2012 - 50th Anniversary

President’s Letter
Editor’s Letter
Early History of the Napa Valley Wine Library Association

Jon and Lily Oliver Berlin, El Molino Winery
Tom Garrett, Detert Family Vineyards
Chris Travers, Mayacamas Vineyards

About Books

Napa Valley, The Land, The Wine, The People by Charles O’Rear, photographer and Daphne Larkin, author

Chronology of the Annual Tasting

Winter 2011

Editor’s Letter
Portraits by Richards P. Lyon, MD

André Tchelistcheff
Brother Timothy
Robert Mondavi
Maynard Amerine
Charles Wagner
Peter Mondavi
Roy Raymond
Nathan Fay
Louis P. Martini
René di Rosa
Joseph Heitz
Laurie Wood
Mike Grgich
Angelo Regusci
Joseph Phelps
Warren Winiarski
Jamie Davies
Robert Travers

President’s Message

Summer 2011

President’s Letter

The interviews in this REPORT are with Napa Valley winemakers of white, rosé and sparkling wines, the wines to be featured at the 49th Annual Tasting under the oaks at Silverado and in the Winemakers Seminar the day before, when seven winemakers discuss their wines in detail at CIA-Greystone.The candid portraits and cover shot of Los Carneros in May were taken by Priscilla Upton.

Andrea “Buck” Bartolucci, Madonna Estate
Richard Grant “Dick” Peterson, Richard Grant Wines
Jan Krupp, Krupp Brothers
Rudy von Strasser, von Strasser Winery
John Williams, Frog’s Leap Winery

Winter 2010

President’s Letter
Editor’s Letter
On Wine Barrels

Will Jamieson, Demptos Napa
Roger Boulton, UC Davis
Rosemary Cakebread, Gallica
Mel Knox, Mel Knox Barrel Brokers
Jeff Jaeger, Jaeger Vineyards and Barrel Associates, International

19th Varietal Seminar, August 15, 2009

On the Other Hand: Discovering Other Reds

47th Annual Tasting, August 16, 2009

The Romance of ZinPetiteNoir

Summer 2010

President’s Letter

Laurie Wood, Frank Wood & Sons, Inc. and Wood Ranch Jim Barbour, Barbour Vineyards
Jon-Mark Chappellet, Chappellet
Chris Vandendriessche, White Rock Vineyards

About Books

In Search of Bacchus by George M. Taber
When the Rivers Ran Red by Vivienne Sosnowski
Uncorking the Pasts by Patrick E. McGovern

Summer 2009

President's Letter

John Gantner, School House Vineyard
Jay Heminway,
Green and Red Vineyard and Winery
Vince Arroyo,
Vincent Arroyo Winery
Terry Wilson,
Rancho Chimiles
Sandi Belcher,

About Books

Passion for Pinot by Jordan Mackay, photographs by
    Andrea Johnson and Roben Holmes
Champagne Guide
by Richard Juhlin
Reflections of a Wine Merchant
by Neil Rosenthal
The Little Red Book of Wine Law
by Carol Robertson

Summer 2005

President's Letter

Mike Drash
Michael Havens
Gene Kirkham
Mia Klein
Joe Phelps
Nils Venge

Book Reports
Editor's Letter

Winter 2004-05

President's Letter
Varietal Seminar
Annual Tasting
Brady Book Reception
Fall Field Seminar

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