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Thursday, August 13, 2020
5:30 pm - Virtual Program

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Books on Wine Evening

Evening’s Schedule

Kelli is happy to direct questions via the Chat feature from the audience throughout the program

5:30 pm PDT

Diana H Stockton, Events Manager, NVWLA


Kelli A White, our Host and Director of Education for the Pacific Union Company

Kelli introduces the program, our authors and each of our winemakers;

We then hear from:

Celia Welch, owner and winemaker, Corra Wines
2019 Rogue Valley “Tail Feathers”

Pam Starr, owner and winemaker, Crocker & Starr
2016 Napa Valley AVA Napa Valley Red Blend of Cabernet Franc

Sally Johnson Blum, Pride Mountain Vineyards
2017 Napa and Sonoma Counties Cabernet Sauvignon

Cathy Corison, Corison
2017 Saint Helena Cabernet Sauvignon

Sandi Belcher of Arns, owner and winemaker, ARNS
2013 Melanson Vineyard Napa Valley Syrah


Lucia A and John C Gilbert, Authors
Women Winemakers:Personal Odysseys
and brief Q & A with Kelli


Moderated discussion among all the presenters on the issues raised by the book as our five wines are shared and enjoyed

7:00 or later

Concluding remarks

Wine List

We suggest the wines all be opened before the start of our program at 5:30 pm. Pour a taste of each or have a dump bucket at the ready to pour one at a time.  After each of the winemakers is introduced at the start there will be more time to enjoy their wines during our panel discussion at 6:30.

Celia Welch
Corra Wines

2019 Rogue Valley, Oregon “Tail Feathers”
40% Muscat, 35% Riesling, 25% Viognier
alcohol 12.5%
300 cases

Pam Starr
Crocker & Starr

2016 Napa Valley “AVA Napa Valley Red Blend of Cabernet Franc” 
60% Cabernet Franc, 34% Merlot, 6% Malbec
alcohol 14.4%
899 cases

Sally Johnson Blum
Pride Mountain Vineyards

2017 Napa and Sonoma Counties Cabernet Sauvignon
53% Napa, 47% Sonoma Fruit
92.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot, 2.5% Merlot
alcohol 14.4%
5,848 cases

Cathy Corison

2017 Saint Helena Cabernet Sauvignon
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
alcohol 14.2%
2,200 cases

Sandi Belcher

2013 Melanson Vineyard, Napa Valley Syrah
100% Syrah
alcohol 15%
200 cases

Books on Wine Virtual event
Featuring Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys
Thursday, August 13, 2020
5:30 pm PDT via Zoom

Women Winemakers book cover

Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys

Zoom meeting from home with authors Lucia Albino Gilbert and John C Gilbert, professors Emeriti, Santa Clara University

Hosted by Kelli A White, Director of Education for the Pacific Union Company

With five stellar winemakers

THANK YOU authors, winemakers and host.
The evening’s presentations, Q&A’s, and sense of camaraderie could not have been improved upon.

And Zoom’s transmission was terrific.

Thank you Acme Fine Wines, Napa Bookmine, ARNS, Corison, Corra, Crocker & Starr, and Pride, Brennan Solutions, Brian Nash Design, and Paladin Wine for your support and expertise.

The wines we tasted were:

Corra label

Celia Welch, Corra Wines
2019 Rogue Valley, Oregon “Tail Feathers”
Celia grew up in Medford, OR and knows fresh, crisp and delicious

Crocker & Star label

Pam Starr, Crocker & Starr
2016 Napa Valley “AVA Napa Valley Red Blend of Cabernet Franc”
Vines from the 1870’s inspired Pam's first 100 cases, and continue to

Pride label

Sally Johnson Blum, Pride Mountain Vineyards
2017 Napa and Sonoma Counties Cabernet Sauvignon
Sally loves how this vintage catches the voluptuousness of the mid-palate

Corison label

Cathy Corison, Corison
2017 Saint Helena Cabernet Sauvignon
This is the 34th year for this belovèd label begun by Cathy

Arns label

Sandi Belcher, ARNS
2013 Melanson Vineyard, Napa Valley Syrah
In bottle it needs to taste just like it did in the vineyard

Sandi Belcher (ARNS)
Sally Johnson-Blum (Pride Mountain)
Pam Starr (Crocker & Starr)
Celia Welch (Corra and Consulting)
Cathy Corison (Corison)
Authors Lucia Albino Gilbert and John C Gilbert, Professors Emeriti, Santa Clara University

Together the Professors Gilbert have also developed the website Women Winemakers of California and Beyond which is a wonderful reference work kept meticulously updated.

Order your printed copy of the REPORT Summer 2020 delivered right to your mailbox.

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Professor Emeritus Harold Olmo

Savor: California’s Vanishing Chardonnay
will be presented via Zoom
Tueday, November 10, 2020
6:00pm - 7:15pm

Annual Events


Saturday, May 15, 2021
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Stags’ Leap Winery, Napa

2021 | 30th Annual Wine Seminar

“Napa Valley’s Old Vines and the Wines They Give Us”

Our moderator, Tegan Passalacqua, is not only winemaker for Turley Wine Cellars and the magnums of Barney’s Backyard Petite Syrah bottle exclusively for NVWLA. Tegan is also co-owner and winemaker for Sandlands and a founder of the Historic Vineyard Society committed to preserving the old vine vineyards of California.

The seminar includes a panel of practitioners and their old vine wines. Confirmed to date are Bob Biale, Robert Biale Vineyards; David DeSante, DeSante Wines; Mike Hirby, Relic Wines; Christophe Paubert, Stags’ Leap Winery; and Morgan Twain-Peterson, Bedrock Wine Company.

A catered Mediterranean-style al fresco lunch concludes the day.

For event questions or more information:
Diana H Stockton – editor@napawinelibrary.com

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Rick Brennan – rick@napawinelibrary.com

Wine Seminar at CIA Copia, Napa in 2019 | Photography: Yu Ding

Sunday, August 8, 2021
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The Grove at Silverado Resort & Spa, Napa

2021 | 58th Annual Grand Tasting

“Exploring the Napa Valley—
Varieties that Define and Refine”
A Vintners’ Choice

Our 58th Annual Grand Wine Tasting provides 60 to 65 prestigious wineries will pour select wines from case productions of all sizes—less than 50 or more than 3,000—but most are from 1,000 cases or less.

The tasting is outdoors in The Grove at Silverado —a beautiful setting for a truly delicious as well as educational afternoon. Expect to taste very special wines. Explore varieties, vintages, or wineries new to you and kindle new friendships within our Napa Valley Wine Community.

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